• Glen

With Coronavirus putting pressure on businesses to allow remote working, Information Security is key

Updated: Feb 2

While some business will find themselves under pressure to implement remote working, it is essential not to rush when deciding on how to facilitate employee access to the systems and data they need.

Information Security and Data protection must remain first and foremost in any solution implemented, a business claiming enforced remote working will never hold up as an excuse in the case of a data breach resulting in information getting into unauthorised hands.

Additionally, rushing and cutting corners when implementing remote workings will only increase the risk of a business being hacked or being infected by the likes of ransomware.

Remember that when employees work from home, it is their internet service being utilised and that is unlikely to be secure. The business remains responsible (and accountable) for the governance of its stored information, no matter if it is accessed from the corporate office, employees home or elsewhere.

Business must always get the right advice before allowing remote working. Think about the likes of, governance, security, monitoring and audit.

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