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Today is one of my favourite days

Today is one of my favourite days.

You see, having recently founded Nexustorage as a startup in New Zealand, every two or three weeks, on our journey towards our first official production release of Nexfs, we have the great privilege to issue a new public preview.

Some ask, why bother with preview releases? Aren't you risking any competitive advantage by showing your product before it's commercially available? Why not just stay in stealth mode and wait until the production release is ready? These are legitimate questions.

Why? We love getting public feedback on how the Nexfs product is maturing, and that feedback helps shape each following release.

Having worked on similar projects before Nexustorage, a lesson learnt was the value of taking an Agile Scrum-based approach, not only on how we do our product development but also how we run a startup.

We can ensure each public preview release is usable and that each release offers value, all aligned to our ever-growing community desires. We create and issue documentation, FAQs, and general information for each preview release. This all help bring people back to our website, helping build a pre-production active community waiting and ready for the first production release.

More importantly, it allows Nexustorage to move to a production release so much faster (and more cost-efficient) than could otherwise be possible.

How do we know this is working? Every day we receive contact and more information requests from all over the world; the Nexustorage brand and Nexfs product names are becoming world known. We are receiving global press awareness, all before we have a production-ready product available to sell!


Enthusiast: Creating Value Through Technology & Founder Nexustorage.

Proud to be a New Zealand Tech Startup.

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