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This is Our Community, Our Voice. Glen Olsen, why I am standing for the Paraparaumu Community Board

Our Community, Our Voice, let's Make it Heard!

As a long-term resident, my family has over 50 years of history in Paraparaumu. Over the last couple of years, I have been wondering, what value is the Paraparaumu Community Board delivering? How in any way is it representing our collective community's voice?

Sadly, when people are elected, they often believe they have the right to speak "for" the people; this is not correct; and is a characteristic found in authoritarianism, not in our democracy. Board members must represent the collective community's wishes, regardless of whether or not they align with their personal opinion.

I must challenge as to when the Paraparaumu Community Board last consulted our community on any issue. Also, when has the board taken a representative lead on any matter concerning the community? Is the board reporting what they have done for the community? Looking at the Paraparaumu Community Facebook page, it has been a long time.

The Paraparaumu community board must take a more significant role in representing our community; it should not just sit back and wait for KDCD to lead its agenda. Critically the board needs to become proactive. It must begin engaging with, representing and communicating what it is doing and disclosing how it adds value to the Paraparaumu Community.

We must continue improving our community's environment and lifestyle, ensuring affordable rates and that KCDC expenditure is beneficial and accountable.

With a keen interest in local sports, theatre, the arts and sustainable economic development, I have been involved with several local community groups and charities. I initiated BSN Kapiti (Business Support Network Kapiti) during the early stages of the initial Covid lockdown as a support network, including a means for local businesses to gain access to the latest information. I remain a long-term committee member (previously deputy chair) of KEDA (Kapiti Economic Development Association).

For these and many more reasons, I stand to revive the Paraparaumu Community Board.

Our Community, Our Voice, let's Make it Heard!

Authorised by Glen Olsen