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I confirm that I am Vax'ed and that I hold NO conspiracy theories. Glen Olsen

Updated: Aug 19

There is a lot of concern in the community about candidates who are anti-vax or linked to conspiracy theory groups.

I, with this, clearly state that I have no affiliation with any such groups.

And that I am vaxed.

I suggest that everybody does some of their own research on each candidate, and of course, share anything you find.

Search on social media like Facebook, neighbourly and LinkedIn, as well as Google.

Also, don't be afraid to ask the candidates to provide links to third party published information about themselves and proof of their Vax status.

I am more than happy to provide all this information and have started with a copy of my COVID-19 vaccine record, and some links below. Here, I have included several google searches and other direct links.

My LinkedIn Profile also provides a good snapshot of my professional history, education, and volunteering, along with several professional recommendations.

A link to an interview with me for Beach FM

A link to a webinar I hosted for BSN Kapiti

Link with google search Terms:

glen olsen keda

glen olsen caringo

glen olsen nexustorage

glen olsen

A link to my profile on LinkedIn

A link to my profile on Twitter

A link to my personal profile on Facebook

A link to my campaign profile on Facebook

A link to my company Nexustorage

A link to my profile on Instagram

A link to my profile on KEDA

A link to the KEDA Our Committee Page

You can also view a copy of my MBA leadership and sustainability dissertation.

I have nothing to hide, and I am always happy to share information about myself or answer any of your questions. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime, or drop by for a chat on Mondays between 10am and 1pm at the Keda Business Hub at the Kapiti Coast Airport.

Glen Olsen


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2022 Candidate for the Paraparaumu Community Board